DRR2 - The Next Generation

DDR1 - Original "Truck Mullet"

The DRR2 is the natural evolution of the Original Truck Mullet with a fully opening tonneau added as functional and feature rich additions to our famous design.  The emphasis of the development goals of our DRR2 were to bring the utility aspects of the cover to meet the industry standard.  We have exceeded our own goals and have created something that is optimal in both form and function.

Water management systems imployed with TrimLok's advanced weather sealing products, while our handle, latch and locking solutions were engineered by BOLT.  Our DRR2 can be professionally installed by one of our distributor installers who will ensure the fitment is perfect.

The DRR1 "Truck Mullet*" is manufactured by Fiberdome in Lake Mills Wisconsin to our exacting specifications, we chose our factory  partner based on their track record with quality, precision and attention to detail.

Our Original Truck Mullet comes with some options that help you tailor the bed cover to your needs.  We have partnered up with 4z Products to provide our automatic cargo LED lighting systems.  We offer specialty wrapping for your topper from hundreds of different camo wraps to sky's the limit in terms of anything you can think of putting on that beautiful convex canvas.

The Mullet is easy to install with several recommended four clamp systems available.  We personally recommend purchasing our API dual ARC clamp solution but you are more than welcome to clamp it down any way you feel works for your application.  This also means you can remove it when you need to without much hassle.

Wind tunnel inspired and tested, the DRR1 is a one of a kind testament to both pure drive line stability while maximizing fuel consumption savings.  You will be delighted by how your truck handles in the worst of wind conditions and the savings you will immediately see in your wallet.  So are you ready to begin to show off the best looking tonneau cover in your neighborhood?

* Patent recorded